I really love that there’s a PLO Championship Event in the WPT World Online Championships series on partypoker. Most of you will know I’m a big fan of PLO and I would say I definitely play more than Hold’em these days. I just find it’s so much fun and there’s so much more action. The Championship events kick off this Saturday so I thought I’d share a few tips ahead of it.

The headline event is the $3k for $1 million but you don’t have to have a huge bankroll and loads of experience to get involved. As well as the $3,200, there are $320 and $33 versions meaning anyone can give it a go. There are also so many side events from $5.50 upwards so it’s definitely a good time to get involved.

So, here are three tips I would recommend focusing on if you’re fairly new to PLO and are looking to improve your game…

1. Play a tight range from UTG and the SB. Playing out of position in PLO is difficult.

2. Study pre flop ranges. Playing a wide range pre flop in PLO makes post flop decisions extremely difficult. Play nutted hands until you have gained experience.

3. Be careful not to bet/fold yourself off a high equity hand. You get raised a lot more in PLO than NL so that’s definitely something to factor in.

Most of all, I would say enjoy the game. This series is designed to be more like a proper live tournament experience (something lots of us are definitely missing) and provide more of a level playing field by factors such as only two starting flights in the big Championship Events, one re-entry in the Main Event flights and reduced late reg. I really hope you guys like this and support the site in making these moves as I do know it needs the players’ support.

Real names are also a nice addition IMO, especially for people to watch. I know there’s a lot of effort gone in to the final table streams and it would be nice to end up on one.

Good luck and hopefully see some of you at the tables!

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