Devilfish Cup

I was looking forward to this trip to DTD for a long time as I knew the Devilfish Cup was going to attract lots of faces, plus the nearly old school boys like myself! I was getting excited to see everyone once again and for us all to be playing poker in the same tourney. As soon as I arrived and walked through the doors at DTD, it was exactly as I imagined. It was just great to chat and play with such an exciting field, packed with talent young and old.

The Devilfish Cup brought out all the new and talented young guns of poker which was great to see. On Day 1 I was constantly getting a table change in the big blind and usually it can be a pain in the butt just moving the one time. But every time I was getting moved to a different table, it seemed to be mixed equally with the power of the young guns and the masters of old school. Every table seemed to be playing loose, aggressive poker and it was so exciting seeing the crazy pots on each table!

Although I couldn’t get anything going it was still an absolute delight to play and I loved every second being sat at the tables. The Devilfish would have loved every table and any seat draw!

WPT UK Main Event

In between the Devilfish Cup and the WPT Main Event it was my birthday, so I was lucky to have a perfect day off from poker right on my birthday and went out with some faces for a few drinks around Nottingham.

The next day it was time to get back to work and I played Day 1B of the WPT UK Main Event and I was super up for it. I just love a major live Main Event and when I sit down and start playing I just imagine how much of a buzz it’s going to be if I win.

This mindset always get me pumped and helps me bring out my A Game. Day 1B for me was pretty solid. I feel like I played really well and didn’t put a foot wrong and I built up a stack of 68,500 from 30,000 starting. So I was going into Day 2 very happy and content. ?

Day 2 went smoothly, pretty much the same as Day 1. We were 10 players off the money, 110,000 chips with blinds 2/4K and I felt like I was playing on another level than I was on Day 1. It felt like I was moving up the gears as the tourney was progressing and again I couldn’t put a foot wrong!

But then I got the lesson I have had a few times before in all the years I’ve been playing. The lesson and reminder I have never liked! It was the sharp reminder that it only takes one mistake and you’re OUT!

It seemed to happen so fast. There was an early open from a player I know quite well and have some history with. I looked down at 10 10 and 3bet to 29k to induce with the intention of calling an all in. There’s an all in and I stick to my plan and call and he opens KK. ?

No help with the run out, not that I deserved it and I bust out.

I feel I got everything wrong start to finish with this hand. As always, my live game decisions are pretty much player based when I know or have information on each player. For some reason I put this player in a different category for a split second. I knew straight after and even mid-hand when he’s put me all in, it didn’t feel right and I could have still got out of this situation/misread if I had just folded to the all in. But no. Something got the better of me and I still feel I made a tired, stubborn call.

My correct read in this spot should have 100% been to call the open raise and play my hand out from there and no serious damage would have been done. I would probably have either lost the open raise bet of 9k or I could’ve even gone on to win the pot as it was an ace high board.

I’ve not felt this bad in a long, long time after busting from a live tourney. From the early days when I first started playing poker I’ve always felt the pain after busting a major Main Event but as the years have passed with experience from playing around the world circuit, I’ve learnt how to deal with bust outs. Now I am generally OK if I’m happy with my play and if I truly feel I made the correct decisions. Don’t get me wrong, it still hurts a little if you get a bad beat or lose a big race but you just learn to deal with it and accept that this is the game.

But boy did it hurt this time, knowing I had made a mistake! I’ve not felt this pain in a long time, but I have felt it before. ? It was a very sharp reminder! One good thing I learned the next morning making the brutal 4 hour drive back home to Swansea was to still experience that level of pain after busting a major tourney tells me I’m still in love with the game. ♥

PS: Thanks to staff, dealers, DTD, partypoker, WPT. You were all amazing as always. It was a pleasure as always to be around such a classy set up.

Next up for me is the Caribbean Poker Party in the Bahamas which I am really looking forward to. You still have plenty of time to win your package online worth $16k which includes a Main Event buy-in, money for flights and your hotel. I hope to see lots of you there.

Until next time…

Roberto x

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