Hey guys, I’d like to give you a short review of my longest trip to Vegas so far.

This year I decided to stay in the city for a whole month with five of my friends in a house about 15 minutes car drive away from the strip. Everybody had their own room and with two cars we were able to get to the casinos in a reasonable time.

The good thing about Vegas is even if you’ve already visited it a couple of times, it will never lose its thrill and you will always be excited when you enter that atmosphere. So, if you’ve ever thought about taking a trip to Vegas, do it! After my personal experiences with hotels and apartments on the strip, I have to admit that a house together with some friends is the best option. Having a little distance to the strip isn’t the worst idea to calm down and relax after long sessions – but that’s just my personal opinion.

Of course we were all hyped and motivated when we arrived but also knew that poker during the WSOP is a marathon, not a sprint. So, we all had to keep our mindset right and be patient, focusing on our A-Game all the time. Nevertheless, we all of course had the dream of a big shot in Vegas and were looking forward to the mother of all poker events with the WSOP Main Event.

In to the action…

Unfortunately the start of our poker sessions weren’t very positive for any of us but after a week of grinding I finally managed to get a first deep run at the $ 2.500 Rio WSOP Event with $430.000 for 1st.

After a sick run on Day 1 with I think seven sets in the first six levels, I managed to bag up 150 BB for Day 2. Day 2 wasn’t spectacular at all but I managed to get to Day 3 with about 60 players left. With 27 Players left I was second in chips with around 100 big blinds. However, to keep things short, I lost four big hands during a short period of time.

Game over! I finished 26th after being second in chips. Busting after being in such a promising position is really hard. Of course I was disappointed but variance is part of poker and we all should accept that face of the game too. We have to.

I decided to stop playing for that day but continued the next day at the $1.500 Monster Stack Event with over 6.000 entries.

I think its important to find your way back to the game after such experiences and it worked for me in that case. I didn’t play very spectacular but solid poker, which is all that matters. I managed to make it to Day 3 and reached the money but finished the event as one of the last 2% of players left. There was no big cash but the feeling that there could still be more to come in Vegas.

$10.000 partypoker MILLIONS Vegas at Aria

I took two days off to relax and recharge my energy in preparation for the partypoker MILLIONS Event at the Aria. The Aria is a very nice place and you should give it a visit if you are in Vegas. The event itself had a very good organisation and a smooth atmosphere, but was in my eyes one of the toughest $10.000 Events I have ever played in my life. I’ve never seen so many good players in one tournament.

Having said this, I had a really good start. I managed to double up in level two and played quite good poker for the rest of the day, finishing the day with 342.000 chips (4th in chips) after starting with 100.000.

Day 2 started with a tough table again because there were only experienced players, so there was so much action going on. I won a  a big pot right at the start of the day – in a 3bet pot on J45xx I had a set of Jacks where my opponent had Aces. The rest of the day was just a grind into the money and I finished the day with about 65 to 70 BB and was happy with my game so far.

Day 3 was a rollercoaster of ups and downs. Quite early on I managed to grind my stack up to over 100BB but then lost a huge pot with AA vs ATs. After that, I had to play more passive as a mid and shortstack for the rest of the day. In the last hand of the day I got AK with 10 BB and we had a three-way all-in-situation vs AQ and KK. No help on the flop, turn and river. So, I finished 13th but I was disappointed because I’d have really loved to reach the final table of that event. It’s like playing a home game you really want to win when you participate in a partypoker event as an ambassador.

On the whole it was probably the tournament in which I played my best poker during the whole trip and looking back that is very satisfying.

The WSOP Main Event

After relaxing for another two days there still was the mother of poker tournaments to play – the WSOP Main Event. I wasn’t really nervous but excited to play it and even happier when I realised that I was playing at the second featured table that was broadcast on ESPN with a delay. It wasn’t my first TV table but it’s definitely something special to be at a TV table while playing the WSOP Main Event.

The conditions couldn’t have been better for the event but I realised quite early that things weren’t going my way. I had to fold Aces on the river in a big pot (my opponent had 2 pairs) and I couldn’t manage to grind my stack up and recover from that situation. After five hours living the dream of the Main Event, I busted with A9 vs QQ from Steven Chidwick. That early bust-out hurt the most. I really had some high expectations of myself for such a special event.

Anyway, there will be a next time and I’m looking forward to it. Even with that early bust-out I had a great time and experiences which I would hate to have missed.

After those two awesome events, the motivation wasn’t as high as it was during the beginning of the trip. But during the last ten days in Vegas I played a couple of tournaments. I managed to have one last deep run at the “Little One Drop” $1.111 Charity Event with 7.000 entries. I was able to reach Day 3 and finished 120th at the end.

The bottom line of the trip

I had some nice deep runs but I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to be aware of the fact that variance is high at poker, especially in tournaments.

Even if I couldn’t win the significant flips to win a tourney, it was an awesome trip with a really nice group of friends at a nice place and I’m quite happy with my game overall. I made a few mistakes but that’s okay for me because these are the spots where I can learn and improve my game from.

I’ll be back in Vegas for some new adventures in the future for sure, how about you?

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