This year I had decided to miss Vegas as I had been playing a lot online and was really enjoying playing from the comfort of my own home. The online game is all still pretty new to me and I’m still learning so much and wanting to improve more and more every day…

But then partypoker made a big announcement and said they were going to run the MILLIONS in Vegas at the Aria…this instantly got me! I decided to just go and play the MILLIONS. The plan was was to win it, smash and grab and done in 5 days.

But that didn’t really go to plan… ?

Day 1A I bust with KKs

Day 1B re entry I bust With KKs

Day 2 re entry I bust with AAs

After that I was ready to go home but all my mates were telling me to stay and play the WSOP Main Event while I was there! I was missing my little ones Frank & Maria Jnr really bad but somehow they all convinced me to stay and play. So I did…

There was a 5 day gap until the WSOP Main Event would start, so I decided to play the $5k 6-Max. It’s a format I really like so off I went to the Rio. I did pretty well the first couple of days but was finally to bust out just after making it into the money. I didn’t really run good when it mattered with some big key hands but it was nice to get into the money and get a cash under my belt just before the WSOP Main Event.

When the WSOP Main Event arrived I was really up for it, as I thought if I’m spending extra time away from my family and those little ones I have to make it count!

I was playing really well on Day 1, I didn’t make any mistakes and thought I should just cruise ? through in to Day 2 and that’s pretty much what happened. At the last level of Day 1, I was up to 100k in chips and all was going smooth. Then I hit a set of 5s in a 3 bet pot from me and ended up losing an 80k chip pot to a rivered flush. But I still had my starting stack of 60k and I was fine with it…

Back I came for day 2 absolutely buzzing. I just felt so good and full of positive vibes, which makes me one of the toughest players to play a pot against. ? Again, I wasn’t making any mistakes. I was picking all the best spots and was up to around 125k approaching dinner break.

Then I played a 3 bet pot vs the chip leader of the table with pocket 2s… vs 75 spades ♠ for over 250k in chips…

Flop was 692 rainbow ?

Turn 8

River Brick ?

The rest I will keep simple. I felt terrible as losing the big important pots always still hurt as much as they did when I first started playing!

I got the taxi to the hotel, went straight to the Airport and I just made the last direct flight back to the UK the same night. Within a 16 hour turn around, I was having cuddles with the little ones and all was forgotten. I was feeling much better again ?

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