Several years ago, Dusk Till Dawn was born. When I first heard about the project, I thought it was mad. I was not in a minority either. A huge card club in an industrial estate in Nottingham that was to be the home of poker in the UK. Crazy. I didn’t know Rob too well though we had mutual good friends, so we were rooting for him. The Irish love an underdog! Despite setbacks that had the doubters, nodding sagely, it all came together. I will keep my big mouth shut next time. Rob has “The EYE”. I clearly don’t.

A few years ago, a conversation over pints with Skally at the Irish Open escalated into a chat with Rob about partypoker/DTD coming back to Ireland with a bang. I told him that if you played fair with the grassroots players in Ireland, they would follow you over a cliff.

Rob collected us in a helicopter in Dublin and we headed for the magical town of Killarney. He took a look at the NCC, The Brehon and Gleneagle Hotels and decided this was it. I tried to tell him Killarney was a little bit off the beaten track and we all didn’t have helicopters any more. No chance. Next day, he was gone, we were looking at a 250k gtee for €120.

I got the train back to Dublin. I’d done enough gambling for one day. Turns out the Irish didn’t follow us over a cliff but they did follow us to Killarney, to what was arguably the best fun at an Irish event ever. Rob had called it right again.

When I heard Tom and Rob were planning to get rid of HUDs and the downloading of Hand Histories, I thought it was great. From the fair play angle it makes so much sense but it was only when I listened to this podcast with pokerfuse, where Tom and Rob discussed the changes in detail, I realised the future of online poker depends on it.

I’m not involved in any of the think tanks (no surprises there) or the brainstorming (lol) but the lads have seen the figures and I trust them completely. A few of the Irish lads have had their say online. I respect their opinions as I respect them as players. They have made a few good points of course. One of their major concerns was the effect the changes would have on security. Rob and Tom have explained in the podcast that party have invested heavily in the security end of things in the recent past and assure us it’s up to the task.

Apart from all that stuff I loved hearing about the changes, the lads are planning to make the online experience more in line with live poker. We were discussing all this in McGrattans the other night, and former WSOP main event final tableist Scott Gray remarked that online poker had become an internet game loosely based on poker. Let’s make poker poker again!

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