A Final Table, a Celebrity Tag Team Partner and the MILLIONS Tour Arrives for the First Time

My World Series of Poker So Far

For the first time in 35 years, I missed the first nine days of the WSOP (hosting some charity events in Ohio and New York) and then after returning to Vegas and a few days of play, took four days off to spend time with my son and watch the US Open golf. I totally respect the guys that grind every day at the WSOP (like I did for over 30 years), but I just don’t have the stamina to do it any more. I’ve only played six events at the WSOP thus far in 2019, starting 0-5 and then finishing 7th on Thursday in the $2500 Mixed Big Bet event. At least it got me even for the WSOP so far this year.

It’s always sad to get knocked out of a tournament, but you can’t complain when you make money in any tournament. Well, you can, but nobody wants to hear your moaning if/when you make money in a tournament. Incidentally, they don’t want to hear it when you don’t make money, either!

Just to show you that “when it’s your time to win, it’s your time”. The guy who came to my final table as the short-stack (by a long way) was Loren Klein. He literally moved all-in for 80k (average was like 450k) on the second deal of the day. The game was NL Five-Card Draw (one bet before the draw and one after). He was called and drew two cards. He had two eights and kept an Ace kicker. His opponent had two pair and drew one. Loren caught an Ace to double up. (I must say he looked like a genius keeping the Ace kicker.) I was now the short-stack (I had 100k). We were now playing Big “O” (which is five-card Omaha Hi/Lo). Loren raised, another guy called, and I then re-raised the pot (32k) out of the BB. Loren then re-raised me, the third party exited, and I went all-in. I had A-A-4-7-J w/A/J of hearts. He had A-2-5-5-10. He flopped a 5 and ‘boom’, tapioca pudding. I was out in 7th. To his credit, Loren carried his run-good from the short-stack to the title (for his 4th bracelet).

Dream Team for the Tag Team РTeaming Up with Jeopardy James

So much for the rear-view mirror. The next couple weeks will be something else. First up will be the tag-team event at the WSOP on June 24th. My partner in that event is James Holzhauser, a Jeopardy game-show champion who has become a huge celebrity in the United States over the past couple months. He won 32 shows in a row setting multiple single-game records for winnings totaling $2,450,000! He’s a 34 year old professional sports bettor who lives in Las Vegas. He has enhanced that profession substantially in the eyes of the public since becoming a contestant on Jeopardy. James has ‘wowed’ the world with his knowledge on every subject.

I didn’t know Holzhauser prior to his Jeopardy run but I contacted him because he kept saying on the show(s) that he played online poker quite a bit while attending the University of Illinois. When he said that, I felt sure he played on partypoker back in the day and I was right – he did! He also watched a lot of the WPT so he knew who I was. I met him for lunch and invited him to play the tag-team event with me. He accepted even though he says he hasn’t played poker in ten years. (He’s quite a bridge player, too – that may be next for us.). Our poker ‘dream team’ (me and ‘Jeopardy James’) should create a lot of buzz at the WSOP. I’m really looking forward to this tag-team event. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

Beyond the World Series

June/July is not just about the WSOP these days. There’s a tremendous amount of buzz and excitement among players about the upcoming partypoker LIVE MILLIONS Vegas event at the luxurious Aria hotel & casino June 28-July 2. It’s the first time a MILLIONS event has come to America and players from the U.S. (as well as those from around the world) are pumped about it. It’s a $10k+$300 buy-in with a $5m guaranteed prize pool. Many are also excited about the grandest player party in the history of partypoker which takes place on July 2nd. Vegas is really happening right now and partypoker LIVE is right in the thick of it. Love it!

The Main Event of the WSOP comes hot on the heels of our MILLIONS event so there is literally mega-millions up for grabs for poker players in the next few weeks. Do you believe in miracles? If so, and if you’re not playing, you can root for me in these events! Thank you! ūüôā

Fair Play at partypoker

Here’s something that’s gotten a lot of discussion this week and mostly, all I’ve heard is kudos from online players. On June 17th, partypoker started making a number of changes in an effort to enhance fair play for all. We banned HUDS, stopped the downloading of hand histories, and had all players choose a new alias. Rob Yong explains the ‘what and why’ of all the changes here. It’s entitled #FAIRPLAY. Check it out.

If you’re coming to Vegas for the MILLIONS Vegas at Aria and/or the WSOP, come find me and say “hi”. If you can’t make it to Vegas and you’re playing on partypoker, ‘Good Luck!’ We’re trying hard for you, the player. “Thank you” for your support of partypoker.

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