Why PLO?

I was really pleased when partypoker said they were putting on their first Omaha Series. With buy-ins starting at $11 it gives more people a chance to learn the game at the lower stakes and play for big prize pools. There’s still a few days left to get involved as it runs until this Sunday. The highlight for me on the final day is a $215 for $40k but there are lots of options to suit your buy-in range.

Whilst it depends on the stakes I would have to say generally I enjoy PLO more than NLH. You can get away with playing a wider range because the equities run closer and I just enjoy being in pots. There’s a lot more action to get involved in.

Big Games and Memorable Hands

Lots of you may have seen last year we ran the Big Game at some of the partypoker LIVE MILLIONS stops and it was streamed on partypokerLIVE TV. These were high stakes cash games with some big names including Isildur, Team partypoker pros Kristen Bicknell, Phil Gruissem and Joao Simao and even Darts legend Michael Van Gerwen. With the amount of action and also the big personalities, we wanted people to be able to watch and get involved.

One great PLO game which sticks in my memory is the Big Game we ran at Playground in Montreal last May, although it didn’t go very well for me personally. I ran bad in the majority of the big all-in pots so that was a little frustrating. The game was great though and I really enjoyed playing in it. Matt Kirk was the star of the show making it a lot of fun to be a part of. He’s got a great sense of humour and he also likes to play a lot of pots, so he always adds a lot to the game.

If I had to pick a memorable hand for me personally, one that sticks in my mind was during the very last session in the Big Game in Montreal. After running bad in the previous big pots, I called a 3 bet with J983 DS off Leon. It came QT8 with two diamonds (I flopped the nuts with a Flush draw vs a likely AA/KK hand). I was only 35% to win the hand…

Leon has AKKJ with diamonds.

I think that was around an $800k pot to finish my session off. I won’t be forgetting that hand any time soon.

The Big Game in Montreal also broke records with the hand below, with Rob and Leon playing for a $940k pot. It was a great game to be involved in. If you enjoyed watching these keep an eye out for the live streamed online PLO Cash Game which I’ll be running in Trickett’s Room on partypoker.

My Advice for PLO Beginners

PLO is not all about these massive cash games though and if you’ve never played PLO before, my tip would be to give it a go and start by studying good starting hands. The game becomes a lot simpler if you’re playing nutted hands and you won’t have as many tricky decisions post flop. Once you have experience you can get away with playing more hands.

See you at the PLO tables…

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