My first trip to Rio


I was little nervous and excited the same time going to Brazil. Nervous because I knew it was going to be a completely different trip to my many previous travels around the world and excited because I hadn’t played live poker since my last win at the Caribbean Poker Party last year and I was for sure getting hungry for some time at the tables and another big result. ?

I managed to cut the trip down from the original 12 nights planned away from my little twin Bambinos to 7 nights. This would mean I would skip the $1k at the start and still be able to play the MILLIONS Main Event and the $10k high roller if I did bust the Main Event.

These were the 2 tourneys I had my eyes ? locked down on because as we all know the MILLIONS Main Event is always going to be a massive achievement and a huge prize-pool to take down. The $10k High Roller that runs straight after the Main Event at all MILLIONS stops attracts the best players and always has juicy numbers. ?

As soon as I arrived I got my head down into the Main Event and I felt I was playing well and very focused. Before I knew it I was on day 3 and the money bubble had arrived! We were on the stone cold bubble and I have 11 big blinds when there was a min raise open from mid position and I looked down and saw I had pocket KKs…

So in the Chips went…I was called and all the cameras ? were swamping my table and all eyes were on me… ? ?????????

I was up against 9/10 hearts for 22 big blinds and then a shot of the 1 Million plus up the top. ??

It was pretty close call but I suppose he had the big chip stack and let’s be honest nobody likes to fold 9/10 hearts do we! ????

Anyways, I lost the hand and that was that. Before I knew it I was in the $10k High Roller and my run ended there in 18th and they only paid 11 places. So there was no Brazilian flag.

There were a few more events to play with 3 days of the trip left but I chose to take time out and enjoy and try and see some of Brazil. I was happy I did, because as always these trips attract plenty of good lads and friendly faces and even managed to fit in a trip to Chris the Redeemer.

Taking time out was great decision as last 3 days was cocktails, beers around the pool, Copacabana beach with the lads and Brazilian Bars at night time. It was brilliant to catch up with some of the old school boys that made the trip as we all had a blast. ?

Now I’m back home with all the family and it’s time to relax with my babies in the day time and partypoker POWERFEST at night time. There’s so many great events in this series and partypoker putting on some massive guarantees. There’s a $1 million GTD event for only a $320 buy-in which is just crazy. They’ve also got loads of fantastic sats which I’ve been playing to try to get in to the biggest tourneys – they’ve got normal and phased sats with no DBI for the $5ks, sats for $1ks and the $10k for $1 mil kicking off tonight at 5pm BST. ?????


I’m hoping to get some deep runs online and then I will be off to Dusk till Dawn on the 11th with a bunch of the Welsh Lads for the WSOP-Circuit Main Event. Check out the schedule here. I always look forward to the DTD trips and the friendly faces.  ?

Hope to see you there ?


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