Trips to Nottingham, Dublin and a big few weeks of PLO action

Hey everyone. So after last months shenanigans in Rio, I decided I would keep the poker events a bit more local for April, and there were some really great festivals for the UK and Ireland poker scene to choose from this month.

Dusk till Dawn for the WSOP-C UK

First up, and always fun, was a trip to Dusk Till Dawn Poker club in Nottingham for the WSOP-C UK where they had loads of great tournaments for all buy ins, from the £330 £500k GTD Colossus tournament all the way up to the £5,300 Super High Roller. Unfortunately for myself, the tournaments didn’t really go my way this time (and I fired far too many bullets in the £2,200 High Roller. A $55 PLO Series ticket is up for grabs for one of you lucky followers that tweets me the correct number I had!) Apart from that the atmosphere, as always, was great in DTD and got to see a lot of the local regs and a couple I have not seen for a while!

It was looking like it was going to be an expensive trip to Nottingham this time, although luckily for me after a few busted tournaments and a few pints with the lads I decided to jump into some 5/10 PLO games. Now for those of you that haven’t played PLO before, it’s a game you should really try out! Its like No Limit Hold Em except that instead of being dealt two hole cards you get dealt 4, 5 or 6 and then you must use two of them from your hand! This creates a lot more action and means that people make big hands much more often and tends to be a bit more swingy than your average Texas Hold Em game. These games were particularly swingy especially because every hand was straddled to at least twenty and I even put the eighty straddle on a couple of times! ?

After the dust had settled in these games (I played about 4 times in total over the week and the action was fast and furious) I had managed to pocket a tasty £17k win!

To Dublin for the Irish Open

As soon as this event was over me and the lads headed straight over to one of my favourite stops of the year the Irish Poker Open, which is hosted at the Citywest hotel in Dublin every year. It just follows the Norwegian Championships which are hosted there the week before. The schedule is an ever impressive one and so many guys from the UK poker scene headed over there to try and claim their share of the Irish gold!

We happened to get there a few days early and made the most of the time by getting in the ciders and the baby Guinness at the Citywest, which is a fantastic venue. We also headed in to Dublin a couple of times to watch the football and I also decided to get in the mix in the 5/10 PLO games here as well which turned out to be a good idea!

The first session I played went really well, I managed to make some really good hands and pick off a pretty big bluff in a €7k pot when I held the second nut flush vs my opponents bare ace blocker and ended up winning €15k. The next day I jumped back in the mix again and after playing for about 6 hours had booked another €17k win. The games seemed to be really good and everyone was really gambling with each other which always makes for a fun game!

The day before the main I decided to play a third session as I really was feeling confident in these games, although it wasn’t to be this time. As I mentioned earlier PLO can tend to be quite swingy sometimes and after being on the end of a couple of nasty coolers and missing some really big draws I was left €20k worse off! These days do happen though and it’s just part of the game that you have to accept, sometimes there is nothing you can do!

Not to be disheartened, (the morale on this trip was high!) I jumped into the main event the next day. This was a €1,150 €1 million guaranteed event and it really was a belter. It was different from the rest, and with €300,000 for the winner, I really played my best.

The 1,000 players needed to make this guarantee was exceeded by 800 players! Unfortunately as tournaments have been going for me recently I didn’t really seem to get much going in this tournament either, but I couldn’t complain because the company, atmosphere and banter on this trip was like nowhere else.

The remainder of the week, was spent in local pubs, at Citywest hotel and in Dublin with a few drinks accompanied by watching the football, singing, dancing, creating new games (Gary Banks throw the shoe), some sleight of hand and heading to the last nights players’ party. Apart from the ripping fear every morning, which was quickly cured with a swift cider the trip was really quite special!

Omaha Series arrives on partypoker

Next month, I plan to head to Monte Carlo and after really crushing PLO this month, I hope to continue that with the inaugural week long Omaha Series coming to partypoker from Sunday 28th April to Sunday 5th May. This comes with a nice guarantee of $2 million and features buy ins from $11 all the way up to $530! It’d be really nice to win one of these events in the first ever season of this series so I will be playing a bunch of them to try and secure one! There will also be plenty of satellites and make sure you get involved in the competition mentioned earlier. It’s a super fun game and I really want the PLO action on partypoker to keep getting bigger and better!

Hope to see you all at the tables soon.


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