March: A min-cash in Manchester, Escape Rooms in Barcelona and my first visit to Rio de Janeiro

Last I left off I was in Manchester for the GUKPT going for my 3rd straight cash at that series after having never cashed a GUKPT main event for many a year. ? The great thing about Manchester is that it’s central so you get to see all the English lads which was a great catch up with the likes of Thomas “Middy” Middleton, Steve “Warbs” Warburton, Richard Trigg (GUKPT Ambassador), Jamie “Boz” O’Connor, Kev Allen and a surprise appearance from Dan “Bombscare” Charlton. ?

After many a bullet from all combined…overall between the lads it turned out a disappointment, with most falling short of the min cash and the likes of myself and Trigg min cashing 22nd and 23rd. ?

Next up was straight to Barcelona with Rehman “Rakman” Kassam who also managed a min cash at GUKPT Manchester and was also my AirBnB room mate. We would have a little mission on our hands with Keith “The Silver Pigeon” Johnson (another min casher) ??? giving us a lift to Dusk till Dawn Nottingham so we could chill until our flight early the next morning. When arriving at DTD we managed to catch up with a few of the lads, Wadey being one, which was great as he pointed us in the direction of a good curry house. ?


From Manchester to Barcelona

When the time had come to head off to the airport Adam Hilton would join us as he was also on his way to Barca. We would also meet Mitch “Min Cash” Johnson and Andrew “Stato” Hulme, an Octo Champ of the show Countdown and at this point I’d like to point out how valuable a player he would become in Barca!!!

When we arrived in Barca the sun was shining and what a lovely day it was. ? We were all knackered but there was a big Premier league game on in a few hours time (Arsenal vs Man U), so we all powered through and made sure we didn’t miss that!!! I’m a big fan of Ole so was cheering on Man U along with Reh & Mitch and the likes of Emma Casey outnumbered but loving the fact Arsenal came out on top two nil victors ;(

After the game we all hopped into the €500 WPT multi-day event which was heaving and super hard to get a seat, let alone bag up for day 2 which I’m sure no one managed. 🙁 Once the madness of that event was settled it all got a lot easier with the Main Event starting (€3k buy-in, 3 mil GTD) as things started to calm down. ?

No luck for myself in the main but a great lad and friend Martins Adeniya managed to take 7th for the nice amount of €94k. ? Last up for myself in Barca was the €5k High Roller which smashed the guarantee, along with every other event held by partypoker and the WPT in Barca! I did manage a cash in this event but unfortunately it was once again only a min cash for €10k. ?


Off the Felt in Barcelona

Now that the poker was done it was time for some fun & drinks. ? This was some of the best fun I’ve had in Barca which is easily up there with one of my favourite cities in the world. For the first time after having many a discussion with Rachel “Raquel” Heneghan, I was eventually on my way to an Escape Room???(Just not with Raquel ??? ). I’ve always imagined this would be exactly my cup of tea as it would be thinking outside the box with lots of problem solving and it sure was but much tougher than I had expected. ?

That’s when Stato the Octo Champ fae Countdown would come into play and he sprung intae action nae bother at all. ? With the likes of Adam, Mitch, Rakman and myself, Stato basically carried us all to the escape with 5 minutes to spare ? phew! How quick he was pouncing on things was just different class! ???

We did manage to squeeze another in a day or two after but this one would be a tad tougher and we had a different line up with Alex Goulder and Fred Wise replacing Adam Hilton and Rakman. As mentioned this one was tougher but again Stato stepped up and figured most of it out but I did feel I made a solid enough contribution. ?


My first trip to Rio for MILLIONS South America

Then it was time for another mission and that mission would be Barcelona to Rio. The first stop would be Lisbon which was a short flight of 90 minutes or so, with a short enough layover for the direct 9 and a half hour flight to Rio. There was a good few Reg’s on these flights including Anatoly ‘NL_Profit’ Filatov a fellow partypoker Pro along with Ryan Reiss and Robert Heidorn who I spent most of the travel time with.

View from roof top of our hotel

Many had mentioned to keep yer wits about you when in Rio for the partypoker MILLIONS event but after all was done there was not one thing that wasn’t perfect during this event. ? The trip was a blast and even though the Main Event fell short of the guarantee, that in my eyes did not make it a failure it was a massive success. ???

It was a $10k buy in, needing 500 runners to hit the guarantee but after partypoker changed the rules this year, you only had the option of only being able to play 1A once and 1B once for a combined 2 entries max. This eliminated all this Re-Entry nonsense and was an absolute delight to see. To hold it at such a tough place and to first of all pull off a $10k buy in and second pull in 500 runners in a country with maybe a biggest ever buy in of $1k was a massive ask but I hope it’s put partypoker firmly on the map over there!!!

In the end the $1 mil first prize would go to a great friend of mine. As he was stuck the whole trip in the Main Event and on his iPad as he is currently the partypoker live dollar leader, I would not get the chance to have that meal he had planned for us at some point during Rio Millions.? Anyway, I’m sure we can eventually get that catch up Marty Mathis! ???

While the poker didn’t go great for me, I really enjoyed Rio. I managed to squeeze in some time to visit the Christ the Redeemer statue, or “The Big Man”.

Me “Trigg” & “Dr.Deanky” with “The Big Man”









A few of us, including fellow partypoker pro Joni Jouhkimainen also went to a local football match between local team Flamengo and Fluminense at the Maracanã. The home team were victorious in the end running out 3-2 winners and it was a great day. We got right in to it and got kitted out in our football tops. This topped off a great week.

Lovely photo after the game ended 3-2 to home team Flamengo ???

What’s next?

Next it’s onto Kings in Rozvadov for the €2200 €1 mil GTD PLO Wrap, followed by WSOP Circuit event in Nottingham at Dusk till Dawn and the amazing Irish Open at the CityWest in Dublin. With partypoker the main sponsor this year it promises to be a brilliant event. All this with some POWERFEST in between which has just started on partypoker. There are some great tournaments including the Championship events and a $ 1 million GTD tournament for $320 buy-in on the final Sunday! Between all this it’s going to be a busy month! ???

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