The “Secret” to How I Improved so Quickly at Poker…

In my case it’s pretty simple: it’s because of the people who surrounded me. Without them I wouldn’t have been able to achieve what I’ve achieved.

Thinking back to sitting in a whirlpool on “Cherry Island”, a remote island in Canada north of Toronto, talking about poker and hands we’ve played with my German friends. From there we normally went back to play another session, because we felt inspired to challenge ourselves again with the new input we’d received from each other. Doing this for 4 weeks straight, playing more volume than I ever played and probably improving more at poker than I ever have, that really left a mark in my mindset.

Steffen showed me how to dive deeper into analyzing the game from a mathematical standpoint, analyzing opponents purely based on statistics and improving and fine tuning my HUD.

Rainer showed me how to play short stack, taught me about ICM and inspired me to play more sit’n’gos to improve my late game and short stack game.

Koray inspired me by the way he intuitively approaches the game, exploiting opponents and having a great feeling for game flows and opponents leaks.

Ben’s preparation was impressive. Class positive attitude and sharpness. Fresh on his laptop, 25-tabling NLH/PLO & 8-game – a moment I’ll never forget. So many talented players in one place and infinite moments to learn from.

Without their individual perspectives and feedback and challenges, I would never have been able to grow the mindset that I have today and that’s not limited to poker. We started supporting each other in 2012 and 2013 and almost all of us have made it to the top of the game. I think without the strong support and input of our environment we wouldn’t have been able to make it that far.

I wanted to thank everyone who I could learn from, whether we exchanged about hands, played against each other or whether we just had a good time.

So if you ask me what you should do to improve here’s my top tip: Find people that you connect with that share your ambition and support each other. You might be surprised by the result!

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