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I’m super excited heading into week two of the KO Series at partypoker – it should be fun. In my opinion, the schedule at partypoker is the best it has ever been. There are an incredible amount of tournaments for all buy-in levels running 24/7. Good tournaments kick off every 30 minutes now!

Partypoker is great for action junkies who like to load up a lot of tables:)

The $15 Million KO Series on partypoker is one of the most player friendly series in recent times. There is also a great added-value satellite schedule. 

I believe partypoker is the best site to play KO’s on, I’m going to highlight some of the reasons why in this post.

The Best KO Tournaments Available Online

The first and most important reason partypoker is the best site to play KO tournaments on is that the bounty-element is rake free! Obviously less rake means less money goes to the site and more money goes to the players- what player doesn’t want that?

If you love poker as much as I do and have a choice between playing a similar buy-in, similar EV tournament on a site that forces you to pay rake on the bounty element and a site that doesn’t, please choose to play the tournament on the site that doesn’t! It’s smart and good for all of us!

The second big reason partypoker is the best site to play KO tournaments on is that the payouts have been flattened in PKO tournaments to reduce the massive gulf between first and second payouts. I didn’t like the old system at all and I’m really happy about this change!

Great Software Features For KO Tournaments

The new software improvements are also very helpful for KO tournaments. With the new software you can easily switch between displaying your stack in chips and big blinds. This is really useful in PKO’s where it is extra important to keep a careful eye on stack sizes.

The new software also allows you to easily alter the colour and feel of individual tables. I find it very helpful when I’m multitabling to have different felt colours for KO tournaments and non-KO tournaments. This prevents me from making costly mistakes by not realising I can win a bounty if I knock someone out!

Some of the events I am most excited about this week are the $55 $100k GTD events- they are sure to be great value and it would be amazing to bink one! I’ll also be grinding some of the added-value satellites- trying to win a ticket into an event where it’s possible to win life-changing money!

I hope to see lots of you at the tables. Best of luck!

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