Hey guys, this is Josip Simunic, a member of Team partypoker. I thought to myself that it would be a nice thing to recap 2018 live events and trips a little bit and give you a look about my impressions and the plans I have for this year too.

2018 – a brilliant start…

2018 started with a great honor and great challenge when I was taken into the partypoker team. Right from the start I was very motivated to represent not only the platform partypoker but poker in general – and I have to admit that this idea is still pushing me forward every time I play. Sure – it also strengthened my mindset and pushed the self-confidence in my poker skills and I was thrilled to take this energy to the playground of live events.

When I started to play my first live event that year – the €5k Hold’em Highroller – at Seefeld in Austria, where I used to start the years before, I was sure that I would be able to bring my best play but didn’t even really think about taking that one down. But I hoped for it and did. So I just got the proof that positive vibes and a good mindset are important parts of positive results.

The next event was a partypoker MILLIONS event at King’s Casino in the Czech Republic. I played the main event and cashed there too but didn’t win it. However I won the “King of the rail”-voting and with that a package worth $16k for the partypoker Main Event at Barcelona…still today I’m grateful for so much support by my rail and the people that voted for me and gave me the opportunity to play that tourney in this absolutely stunning city that I feel connected with as if it would be my second home. Despite the beautiful stay I didn’t manage to create a little poker miracle in Spain but variance at live poker is a part of the game and we all have to accept that.

Next stop was EPT Monte Carlo were I managed to get into Day 5 of the 5k main event – what really was some sort of an emotional rollercoaster, I guess most of you know that these are the feelings we all love and hate the game for – and finally busted 10th. To finish an event like that couldn’t be harder because it was so close to reach the final table or the win but still a good result at all. At that point my first personal target was set automatically: I wanted to reach a final table at a partypoker MILLIONS event or an EPT again.

Las Vegas & the summer – sometimes it’s not all about poker. After a period of online grinds to next stop was the city that never sleeps: Las Vegas with the WSOP. It’s an absolutely great spot for poker and probably every poker player dreams of winning a bracelet once in a lifetime but 2018 just wasn’t the year. To make long things short: Vegas was dry, hot but regarding to poker for me it was a non-starter and I was happy to get back from that after 3 weeks.

But apart from poker one thing really made Vegas to an unforgettable trip for me and that was the contact to the guys from “No Limit Gaming” that told me about the project which is in my eyes a perfect idea to combine the strengths and experiences of poker with e-sport in general. Super-High-Rollers that bring their knowledge, skill and success into e-sport was an idea that really excited me from the first minute and it didn’t take much to convince me of that project especially to the fact that the project is based in Vienna, Austria. So my second personal target was set too – giving my knowledge and my skills to the project and supporting a great idea of poker-players that connects two worlds. If you are interested in that project, just have a look at https://www.nolimit.gg/

Back home I tried to get some positive poker results and some sort of rest to fill up my mental energy at Velden in Austria again. It’s a beautiful spot – especially in the summer months – with its picturesque view on the lake is something I just recommend to everybody if you think about playing poker or going on holiday in Austria.

Oh you would like to know more about my poker results at Velden – well, I gained much experience but didn’t cash any of the tournaments I played. I wouldn’t say that I had a downswing or problems with my mindset so far, but I wasn’t sad about the fact that my planned summer break just started close after the trip to Velden. I can just recommend every player to take breaks and use them to spend time with friends and family, make some trips, see new places and just enjoy life apart from poker. We all love the game and we love the thrill and the adrenaline that it gives to us but we also just live once and need some balance – not only for our mindset but for ourselves and our social environment – keep that in mind.

A conciliatory end to a poker season of mixed fortunes was the trip to the Bahamas – an adorable spot during this time of the year and of course a nice but not really cheap place for playing poker. Played the Main Event there, reached Day 3, cashed and was absolutely satisfied with that outcome of 2018.

2019 – high hopes & dreams

I’ve just finished playing the Aussie Millions in Melbourne, Australia and I really enjoy that place, the weather and the country.

I’d really like to continue my poker trip around the globe with a stop in Brazil for the partypoker MILLIONS South America event of course because I’m curious to visit Rio de Janeiro but I still don’t know if I can really do that. Of course I’m going to the EPT in Monte Carlo again, visit Vegas, play the partypoker MILLIONS Europe event at King’s in Rozvadov and will of course come back to Velden to play poker and gather new strength.

My targets for 2019 are set: Get to a final table at a partypoker MILLIONS event or an EPT! Try to win a bracelet in Vegas or at least keeping the dream alive. Keep on representing the great game of poker and giving knowledge and experience to others by projects like “No Limit Gaming”.

At the end of this story I’d like to thank not only partypoker for the trust in my person that made all this possible but you – the community – for your never-ending support, interest and the motivation you send me all the time on all possible ways and that keeps pushing me forward.

I’d like to use this situation to ask you “What were you special trips or moments in the past year?” “What are your dreams or aims for this year?” Maybe you can tell me a bit about it in the comments, I’d really appreciate that and hope I was able to take you with me on that little throwback of my year 2018 and the plans I have in 2019 so far.

If you want to be up to date about my trips and poker events feel free to follow me on instagram: Jozinho_js

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