Hi again! As I mentioned in my last post, I am going to tell you a little bit about how it was at the Caribbean Poker Party. Today I started my journey back from the Bahamas to Argentina and right now I am on the plane from Miami to Buenos Aires so I wanted to use this time to write about these amazing 12 days in this paradise. I had already been very lucky to have the chance to go to Nasau in 2015 but this time, the experience was much nicer, not just because the Bahamar hotel is one of the best hotels I have ever been but also because I could deep-run in the Main Event and rise up to 57th position out of 1,815 players. As I said, this hotel is as luxurious as any of the best ones in Las Vegas (even its interiors are very similar to the ones at the Wynn Hotel) but just this one is in the middle of a delightful beach. It also has several swimming pools, many restaurants and even a club inside.

The Caribbean Poker Party Main Event had a US$ 500 buy-in and the winner took home USD1,500,000. I had a good start on Day 1 and made through with around 65bbs (with the first bullet) but I didn’t start that well on Day 2 and I got knocked out in a couple of levels. I used a re-entry and managed to get into Day 3 with a very good stack, 6.9M (57bbs). We started the third day very close to the cashes and I had 11M very close to the bubble, but an unlucky hand put me back in 5M. Briefly, the hand was like this: I was in BB with K9hh and the BTN opened 2x, I called and the flop was JT3hhh (floppy colour), I did a call 50% pot and the turn was a 5c, then I played ch call again but in a bet of almost 75% of the pot, the river came with a 4h, so 4 hearts were left in the board, and again I did a check call of the 65% of the pot to see the Ah3s of the player in the BTN and I suffered while the chips were going to the other side. He was a very aggressive and good regular player, so I assumed he would put pressure closer to the bubble getting that 4th heart in the river. After that spot I had to play very tight until I accessed the cashes. Several levels went by and close to the end of the day, I recomposed my stack to 15M but when the last 4 hands of the day were announced, I lost a very big pot against QTo of bb in a board Txxxx vs. AT of the BTN, that was the chip leader of the tourney and extremely aggressive, so I finished with a short stack with regard to Day 4, around 11bbs.

Only 58 players remained when Day 4 started. I was big blind very quickly. I put the big blind and the ante (in order to speed up the game, the BB mode is used in live tourneys at partypoker) so I had 9bbs behind, the BTN made a OR to 2x and I got a A6o, it was an easy shove but I hit against a AQ and the board didn’t help me either. So I got 57th position and the hope of winning the Caribbean Poker Party Main Event vanished, one of the tournaments that from now on is in my favourite list and I hope never to miss it.

I took part in a couple of side events but I didn’t manage to progress much in any of them; while playing one of these tourneys, Gastón Catzam (a friend and owner of codigopoker.com) came to my table and said to me: “Michael Jordan is playing Cash”; obviously, I got up and ran to see one of my childhood heroes and there he was, seated in a private game where we weren’t allow to get too close. This was the cherry on the cake for a great trip, seeing one of the best basketball players in history, it was hard to get focused again when I came back to my seat in the tournament.

MILLIONS Online will start in few days so the plan is to grind and study as soon as I arrive to Buenos Aires in order to arrive in good shape for the biggest online tournament in history.

I wish I could get on to the podium of this tournament that guarantees 4 millionaires.

Many thanks for reading this and greetings to everyone.


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