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Welcome to the new partypoker pro blog! Going forward, I will be posting here regularly. A lot of you don’t know me so in this post I’m just going to tell you a bit about myself and my poker background.

About Me

My name is Louise and I’m a member of team online and partypoker Ladies. ‘Lou045’ is my partypoker screen name. I’ve been playing poker full-time for around two years and I love it. Like most poker players, I like having fun (too much sometimes) and bore easily. I realized pretty quickly in life that I was not suited to the 9-5 lifestyle. Most of my twenties were spent sun-chasing, backpacking and working all kinds of jobs in many beautiful countries. Poker ticks pretty much every box for me. It’s fun, you are free to take time off and travel when you want and it’s challenging-there is always something new to learn!

Natalia Breviglieri & Louise Butler

My Poker Story

I started playing poker with a bunch of friends in home games when I was in University. Those home games were brilliant and led to me playing online occasionally for fun.

I eventually became more interested in poker and decided to take the game a bit more seriously. Vowing to be careful with my small bankroll, I lodged a few hundred dollars and started playing a lot in my spare time.  One day, I decided all I really wanted to do was play poker. Since I had built up a reasonable bankroll, I went for it.

I’ve spent most of the last two years multi-tabling low buy-in mtt’s. There is nothing I love more than plugging in my headphones, putting on some music and loading up some tables! It still seems crazy to me that it’s possible to make money in such a fun way.

I’ve recently cut down the number of tables I play and I am now focused on beating higher buy-in online tournaments.

My Happy Place

Signing with Partypoker

When I decided to play poker full-time there was a lot of talk about poker being dead. There were many worrying things happening in the industry. Partypoker gave me hope. The partypoker team were listening to players and changing things to benefit them. I was absolutely delighted when I was approached about being sponsored by partypoker. It has been awesome to see how well partypoker has done over the last year. The software is excellent now, Millions Online proved that poker is not dead, the satellite schedule is amazing and the live events are getting rave reviews. In my opinion, partypoker is doing a great job keeping the poker dream alive.

My first year with partypoker was awesome. The grind went well, I travelled to lots of cool places and  met tons of great people. In my next blog post I’m going to be talking about my upcoming online plans with the $15 million GTD KO Series just kicking off. I will also soon be sharing an insight in to what my first year as a partypoker pro was like- I hope you drop by to read it! Good luck and I’ll see you at the tables!

If you’d like to follow my adventures in poker land and if there’s anything in particular you want me to write about, follow me on Twitter and Instagram and send me a message.



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