What’s up, guys? Starting now my first post here, on the partypoker Blog. Today I’ll tell you a bit about my story at Poker. Over time I want to publish about subjects related to the world of poker and also my career into it. All your comments on topics you are interested in are very welcome!

Well, I started playing poker 11 years ago. I have begun in the Moneymaker boom influenced by older brothers, who used to play as a hobby. Gradually, my interest has flourished, playing against them and friends. During 9 years, Poker was just fun for me, playing in my spare time. However, I always had at least a minimum interest in it, so I used to closely follow the career of many Brazilian players and other foreign players. (here’s a great tip I give you if you are interested in evolving, do follow and pay attention to the whole world of poker, players, news sites, etc.) In the meantime, having Poker just as a hobby, I ended up winning the BSOP FLORIANOPOLIS MAIN EVENT, in 2013.

Finally, in 2016, I decided to become a professional player. That’s when I looked for João Simão, a guy I had met a long time ago at a poker tournament in Floripa (Florianópolis, Brazil). We were not close friends, but we kept in touch a while. After that, it was the time to roll up the sleeves and start doing the hard work. For the first six months, I have lived in the Massari Team GQ in Floripa along to 2 other members. It was a very important phase of my career, no doubts about it. After the seventh month, I was the only left there, so I ended up going back home. It may sound strange, but the fact is I was down all the time in my first six months as a professional player, LOL. As soon as I got back home, things were coincidentally starting to work out. On my first Sunday grind, I nailed the partypoker Title Fight and won the $54,000 prize. From then, things flowed, and everything was doing well, thanks, God! I had numerous expressive results online during 2017, and in the same year, I enjoyed the opportunity to go to Vegas play for the WSOP. In 2018, with an almost settled career, João and I decided to invest a lot of time in Poker live, and since then we have already had many trips, as to Punta Cana, Czech Republic, Barcelona, Canada, Vegas, Punta del Este, among other places. In several of these trips I have had some good results, but with no doubt, I have acquired much knowledge and experience, that I will take for the rest of my career.


Currently, I am a member of the partypoker Online team, I also offer private lessons, via Skype or face to face, and continue to be a Massari Team member, along with my brother João Simão. In 2018, I started a new project, my first Poker Seminar, which has taken place here, in Florianópolis. From 2019, we are keen on expanding this project to the whole Brazil (who knows?)!

Going back over the trips, I am writing this article on the eve of getting off to the Bahamas, where I will participate in the Caribbean Poker Party. I’m sure it’s going to be another fantastic partypoker event. Besides being able to play a great tournament, I will have the chance to meet the Bahamas and enjoy a little. Who knows my next article here is not talking about my victory there? Can you imagine? LOL


Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed knowing a bit of my story. I want to be here as often as possible. Bomb the comments, I want to know your opinion, criticism, suggestions so that we can use this channel in the best possible way.


Abraços e Boa Sorte nas mesas!


Renato Nomura

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