Monster Series Tips: Bankroll Growth Opportunity

This is a great opportunity to grow your bankroll thanks to huge guarantees and many satellites giving you the chance to see a high return on your investment.

You need to be clear that with these massive fields comes higher variance. Respect your bankroll and mix your tournament sessions with some Power Series events with smaller fields, they have a smaller Return On Investment (ROI) but it’s very important to control the variance.

Monster Series Tips: Have a Clear Plan

Try to plan your week. It’s very important to sit down to play with a tidy mind. Do what you need to do before you start your session and make sure you give yourself time to prepare in your normal way, so you can be 100% focussed on your tables while playing.

Monster Series Tips: Patience is Key

Be patient. You can’t win big field tournaments playing every hand and going crazy all day. Take your opportunities, do make some bluffs, but avoid some marginal spots to make sure you survive.

Monster Series Tips: Look After Yourself

Care about sleep and eat well. partypoker is always working on giving players the best experience with great structures. It means tournaments can last a bit longer, but those who have more stamina and can stay strong late into a session will enjoy more profit.

Monster Series Tips: Enjoy Yourself!

The most important tip of all, have fun! Poker is an amazing game, and you must always be happy while playing and enjoy what you’re doing, otherwise what’s the point? Control your tilt, feel grateful to have such an amazing series to play and have fun! I’m sure it will help you to keep you’re A-game longer!

Best of luck guys, hope to see some of our blog readers crushing it hard!


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