My most memorable hand comes from a live event in December 2010 which I won and secured a €640,000 prize. It was the final hand of the 2010 EPT Prague Main Event, which was the biggest final table of my career at the time.

I had a fifth-place finish previously and I felt devastated when I bust out because of my hunger to win a major live event. When I reached the final table in Prague, I knew how important it was to try and finish the job this time, which makes the last all-in hand I played to win the title my most memorable and one I’ll never forget.

The hand took place during the 100,000/200,000/20,000a level and I raised to 575,000 from the button. Emiliano Bono responded with a raise to 2,475,000, I quietly announced all-in and Bono called. I showed and Bono .

I just needed my pocket tens to win this race for the title and the dealer didn’t let me down as he fanned a flop of , a flopped full house and that felt amazing! Bono needed a runner-runner on the turn and river so when the landed on the turn he was drawing dead.

The river, for those of you interested in the complete board, was the .


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